Sale & Purchase Agent

The advantage of Our Reseller and Agent's System:

      If you start your business traditionally as Figure 1, it is sure that you waste much time and work force especially for Process 5 – Process 7. Your cost will rise, and your products can not be refreshed quickly in time. You can not give a competitive price for your customers, so that it is very hard for you to hold your older customers and to cooperate with new customers.

       If you start your business using our system as Figure 2, you need only three process to complete your business. It saves much time and work force for you to do the business. You only need be single-minded to sell the products for earning much money.

          You can see the Figure 3 and Figure 4 as below which shows the disadvantage and advantage between Start your business Traditionally and Start your business using iPeakbiz System. Clearly, if you start your business traditionally, you may spend more than 330usd/month as Figure 3 shows. If you start your business using ipeakbiz system, you only need spend about 13.4usd/month as Figure 4 shows.

Note: you only need pay 5usd/month (1. Choose Your Products From Our Catelog) to us for the commission to recommend and check your supplier, other 8.4usd/month(2. One click to start your business) is paid to your supplier for the commission of your website and products’ management.